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Designing a product hasn’t been a challenge whereas optimizing it to perform as intended with the least cost and material with simple manufacturing process makes it a great value and automobile industry being older in centuries has conscious trying to improve customer experience through light weight materials and exceptional design to get better fuel economy and providing higher safety.

We at XiRho, consider optimization phase in design evaluation as integral part and provide customer with the least mass and better performance design suggestions and ideas. Typical approach involves :

Topology Optimization

Preferred at earlier phase of designing a product, topology optimization works well with component level understanding and helps cut down the mass or material at great extent. Multiple design constraints can be included to analyze the performance at all possible load cases for the part being designed. Based on the complex load path, material addition or removal can be take up to achieve the optimum design solutions. Topology output can be smoothened and give back to designed as a CAD input to measure and update the parts based on the study.

Sizing Optimization

To arrive at optimum thickness for sheet metal, sizing optimization is being performed. It is recommended to find the available gauges for given material grade from the supplier so that the discrete optimization for those gauges are performed. Most of the interest lies in the modal optimization, where in first resonant frequency can be met or mass can be reduced maintaining the first frequency. Design space can be identified using topology where high concentration of strain energy & load path. It can be performed as Optistruct solver or by using TOSCA where it is closely associated with ABAQUS. In a subsystem, multiple design variables can be solved, and also for multi objective needs. In this era, developing light weight automobiles using various optimization techniques are in high demand due to consumer requirements and safety implications.

Topography Optimization

Sheet metal components loses stiffness in directions where the length or width of the section exposes to compressive loading. Also to improve the resonant frequency of long sheets, after thickness variation, local stiffness can be improved using beads. Beads are a small extrusion usually made out of sheet metal through stamping process. It introduces residual stress and hence it is required to avoid narrow and deeper bead designs. Other than frequency improvement, beads can also enable increased resistance against the static loads which the system exhibits during its operating conditions. It can be performed using Optistruct or TOSCA tools.

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What We Do

XiRho strength lies in strong team work, excellent collaboration with clients on innovation, detailed Engineering knowledge on how product works. We as a team could potentially improve or streamline any CAE activities for client and help build best practices to solve some of the complex Engineering in designing and validating a product.