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XiRho Tech being a pioneer in structural / safety and flow analysis of various sub-systems in Automobile and other application areas, executes computer aided simulations with Optistruct, ABAQUS, LS-Dyna, Star-CCM Solvers to analyze and improve the product performance.

In C.A.E (Computer Aided Engineering) domain, typical work which we execute includes :

Eigen value extraction

Most fundamental analysis to determine the natural resonant mode of the system. Modal integrity of the system ensures vibration isolation from other parts of the vehicle. If not addressed at earlier stage, it may result increased lead time during integration with other components. Frequency response (FRF) can also be performed to identify the modes quickly at full vehicle level models. This analysis can be carried out in Abaqus or Optistruct solvers.

Static & Dynamic stiffness

Rigidity towards bending and torsion are typical requirements for load bearing structures in automobile and aerospace. It also helps the vehicle to be in stable position against pitch, roll and yaw conditions. These analysis can be simplified as linear method in FEM or non-linear geometric stiffness can also be considered. Again Optistruct and Abaqus solvers can be utilized. Python scripting helps to cut down model time since the loadcases to be analyzed for these problems are generally higher.

Durability analysis

A product must be designed not only to withstand the road loads but also to sustain to end of the expected life so that warranty costs & manufacturer integrity is not of concern. To understand the life expectation of the product, wide research works are being carried out in value engineering and also from CAE perspective we are in a position to estimate the product life by simulating the loads onto the part throughout its life. Since time domain is near impossible to analyze due to computation time and costs involved, frequency based methods are being employed. PSD (Power Spectral Density) data are used to quantify the damage across entire life. Abaqus and N-Code are used for durability analysis and typical countermeasures are proposed to have increased life as per product requirement.

Static strength analysis (Stress analysis)

Mechanical strength of the part is crucial in product development cycle because of various stages it molds into a consumer product. Starting from molding/casting, each part contains residual stresses during manufacturing, in one way it is helpful to make the part harder but at the same time it results in brittle nature of failure where all of sudden under certain load the part cracks and fracture irreversibly.

Also during material handling inside a factory, during plant lifting or assembly, or during transportation, the parts are to be designed to carry these uncertain loads other than the operation loads during vehicle usage.

Stress analysis helps to understand and select appropriate materials for particular application and also helps in maintaining the structural integrity during worst case environmental and usage conditions.

Crash Simulations

Crashworthiness of the part is the most crucial design element for all the sub-systems and vehicle level targets. Nowadays, every vehicle has undergo severe crash testing by IIHS and safety ratings are released. CAE is considered one of the major milestone in vehicle validation where in computer simulations cut down lot of vehicle testing requirements and also more importantly iterate much faster to get quick design solution before implementing into hardware testing. Having said that, good quality test correlation builds confidence to implement simulations output into vehicle build. Since the virtual build for automobiles has been standardized over multiple OEM’s, product life cycle has shrunk, so more limelight on getting the simulations done faster and accurate will build more competitive advantage across the high racing automobile domains.

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What We Do

XiRho strength lies in strong team work, excellent collaboration with clients on innovation, detailed Engineering knowledge on how product works. We as a team could potentially improve or streamline any CAE activities for client and help build best practices to solve some of the complex Engineering in designing and validating a product.