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Business Sectors

Passenger Vehicles / Commercial Vehicles

Automobile evolution ranges back early from 17th century with Chinese steam powered vehicle called as auto-mobile. Most of the development happened in 19th century. Hand brakes, transmission and steering concepts are innovated and adopted for commercial deployment. We at XiRho brings in intense experience in automotive domain & booming Engineers completely understand the mechanics and behavior of systems under operation and in crash/abuse scenarios. We work on all the sub-systems in automotive for both passenger and commercial vehicles to meet the product specification and customer needs. There are approximately 1 billion motor vehicles in the world, think of the amount of innovation that could lead to such mass production of vehicles for the customers.


Humans dream to fly comes true with the complex Engineering and risky transport business called Aircrafts. Even though the risk that associated with flying machines has drastically been reduced due to safety Engineering concepts over last century. Main focus on the aerospace, lies on light weight product development (lower the mass, better the control and safety of Aircrafts) and also enhanced electronic control for better future transportation. Most of the problems in Aerospace involves both structural considerations and FSL (Fluid Structure Interaction) concepts to be mutually existing. We at XiRho, with budding Aerospace Engineers, seamlessly work on these structural and fluid interactions to solve the problems. There are approximately 20.5K airliners in the world right now, we are in a era where synergy of Mechatronics and Aviation brings in a improved form of air transport for future.

Heavy Engineering Applications

Heavy Engineering applications ranges from Refineries, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals , Power generation, Process plants, Cargos and some of the Defense systems and heavy machineries for the industry (manufacturing and assembly requirements). Also transport for high load trucks and industrial logistics application plays major role in economy and business operations of any industries. In general, the products are heavy duty and are often over designed for meeting the life expectations and performance. We at XiRho, work on these application to arrive at solutions which are economical for industries and to meet fast growing cargo and construction demands. Analyzing the product performance and employing the optimization to reduce the cost of the operation.

Contact Us

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What We Do

XiRho strength lies in strong team work, excellent collaboration with clients on innovation, detailed Engineering knowledge on how product works. We as a team could potentially improve or streamline any CAE activities for client and help build best practices to solve some of the complex Engineering in designing and validating a product.