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Welcome to XiRho!...

It is almost impossible to imagine the creation of new products in most sectors without “virtual product development”. This is because calculation and simulation bring many advantages to development. As a specialist, XiRho offers development expertise in the following fields:

Amazing industrial revolution for Automobile

XiRho technologies specializes in conceptualizing & analytically estimating the product robustness for many application areas such as Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Engineering application & new product development.

Cutting down product costs and improving the performance being the common goal for any product manufacturer, we are expertized in material reduction through optimization and provide valuable design feedback to enable the design engineers to optimize the design without compromising the safety and reliability requirements.

Exceptional products for the society

“To understand the limitation of things, desire them.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

We at XiRho, have developed a work culture that nurtures the Engineers to understand and embolden the client to witness and achieve their end goals through constructive feedback mechanism. We believe that the out of box thinking and enhanced value engineering helps to generate whole a new product with best performance for the current era demand.

Automation to bring new era of assembly

Development of high computational systems aids in accelerating the virtual development that takes place in an organization. To march forward faster, OEM’s are leveraging many Medium or Small scale firms to cut down the turn around time for making faster and high quality Engineering decisions for virtual product development.

We at XiRho developed immense capabilities in virtual tools. CAD/CAE/CFD are the some of the tools which provides the opportunity to reduce the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) timelines for meeting the increasing demands of the society.

Supersonic aircrafts- Cruising beyond the limits

XiRho technologies aims at adopting the value engineering philosophies to understand the dynamic expectations from the product design and analysis community. To reduce the computational time and arrive at optimum fidelity solutions for current market being the primary motive in our work culture.

Synergic development for fuel efficient vehicles

New technologies for material optimization, development of light weight materials, increasing fuel efficiency, vehicle safety & hybridization are driven through regulatory requirements from different countries.

We at XiRho are dedicated to develop quality solutions for today demands by using the efficient tools and adopting the six sigma approach such as Design of Experiments, ANOVA and Monte-Carlo analysis to arrive at the optimum solutions under multi-disciplinary objectives.

Building the safer cars for the public

Our focus at XiRho not only develops reliable and costly solutions, we also keep safety of the product at the most priority. We are highly motivated to consider the crash performance of the part for any design suggestions to make sure the cheaper solution is not the risky one ! Conflicting requirements from safety and Noise/Vibration team has been handled with intense care to develop high quality outputs.

Contact Us

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What We Do

XiRho strength lies in strong team work, excellent collaboration with clients on innovation, detailed Engineering knowledge on how product works. We as a team could potentially improve or streamline any CAE activities for client and help build best practices to solve some of the complex Engineering in designing and validating a product.